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2011 Toyota Highlander – Click above for high-res image gallery
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    Monday, 1 September 2014, 2:35 | manual | Comments Off
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    The Good: - Fun handler - Fair cabin features - Economical engine The Bad: - Nearly useless rear seats - A bit on the noisy side - Not as fast as you think No, it is not the best sports car in the world, as some would have you believe. That needed to be said right off the bat. The Toyota 86 is a lot of things, but it is never going to win any sort of competition. Not a drag race. Not a track race. Not a drift contest. Not even a beauty contest. And yet, it is still an awesome car. The...

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    Patch 4.11 notes

    Friday, 29 August 2014, 6:44 | Pictures | Comments Off
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    Kill dudes, buy boots. Turrets hit harder and ramp up faster. Lane minion experience range has been increased.When we talk about 'snowballing' in League of Legends, we're mainly talking about teams rolling into victories through a single skirmish or unlucky fight without having to earn their win through multiple displays of skill. Like we've mentioned in our design values dev blog about mastery, we want to ensure there are systems in place that reward the consistently skilled...

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    2013 Toyota RAV4 AWD

    Monday, 1 September 2014, 2:36 | manual | Comments Off
    by admin

    The Good: - Decent ride and handling - Cabin space and features - Basic offroad ability The Bad: - Pricey with options - Could be quicker - Some hard cabin plastics Toyota likes to take credit for creating the world’s first “crossover” back in 1994 with the little first-gen RAV4. The claim only has partial merit, as the first real crossover was created in 1979 by a company that eventually merged with Chrysler and disappeared. That vehicle, the AMC Eagle, was basically just...

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