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La familia michoacana (english: the michoacan family) or la familia (english: the family) is a mexican drug cartel and an organized crime syndicate based in the. Who are los mata zetas? "zetas killers" viral video promises vengeance on mexican drug cartel. How an elderly war vet became a drug mule leo sharp was a renowned lily farmer before turning to crime. Murder of american officials two american immigration officials, driving along a main road from mexico city to monterrey in february 2011, were attacked by. Joaquín archivaldo guzmán loera (born either 25 december 1954 or 4 april 1957; disputed) is a former mexican drug lord who headed the sinaloa cartel, a criminal.

The powerful Mexican drug cartel of Sinaloa actively recruited street
990 x 660 · 535 kB · jpeg, The powerful Mexican drug cartel of Sinaloa actively recruited street

civilized discussion with Don Winslow, the author and co
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How elderly war vet drug mule leo sharp renowned lily farmer turning crime. Murder american officials american immigration officials, driving main road mexico city monterrey february 2011, attacked . Joaquí archivaldo guzmá loera (born 25 december 1954 4 april 1957; disputed) mexican drug lord headed sinaloa cartel, criminal.

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