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How to do fun things in notepad, notepad++, and .bat files. over the last few months i have been getting more and more into computers over the last few months, and i.

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  • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers

    Friday, 29 August 2014, 6:10 | bussiness | Comments Off
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    Updated to reflect recent industry developments, this edition features practical information on Rockwell Automation's SLC 500 family of PLCs and includes a no-nonsense introduction to RSLogix software and the new ControlLogix PLC. To assist readers in understanding key concepts, the art program has been modernized to include improved illustrations, current manufacturer-specific photos, and actual RSLogix software screens to visibly illustrate essential principles of PLC operation. New...

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    Free Wallpaper Downloads

    Friday, 29 August 2014, 13:26 | wallpaper | Comments Off
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    Wallpaper is also called a computer background and should not be confused with the screen saver, which are images or animations that are run across the screen when the computer is inactive for some time. Free wallpapers are found aplenty on the Internet; you just have to download them.To download free wallpaper, you have to visit a search engine like Google or Yahoo, wherein you type the keywords "computer wallpaper" or "computer sports wallpaper", if any specific type of wallpaper is required....

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    Simple DIY Makes Ordinary Wood Shelves Glow in the Dark

    Friday, 29 August 2014, 5:43 | Pictures | Comments Off
    by admin

    Meet Matt Brown, a skillful jeweler who came up with a brilliant idea while he was trying to fix the chestnut shelves. The big piece of chestnut that he owned had cracked and pitted, so he decided to do some fixing with resin inlay, however, he decided to throw in some twist to the whole ordeal. He mixed some glow in the dark powder with the resin and waited for 3 days after pouring it in. The result is spectacular with a shelves that have just a pinch of color. The shelves look like...

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